Closings, Late Starts and Dismissals
When bad weather or emergencies make it necessary to close schools, the administration will be using the Connect-ED phone messaging service to notify parents of a school closing. This system enables all parents of students to receive a phone call from the District within minutes of making a decision to close schools.
School closing information will also be available on the District website at or by calling the Inform-a-Line at (215) 529-2010 or by tuning into the television stations listed below.
Please do NOT call the school district. A rush of calls jams district phone lines and prevents emergency calls from being made.
NBC Channel 10

NOTE: Sometimes the road conditions do not improve sufficiently enough to send buses safely into the outlying rural areas of our district. Therefore, please be advised that a decision to delay the opening of school may later be changed to a closing. In that case, parents will receive a second phone call to that effect.

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