PA-TSA and Region Official Dress

Region Conference Dress Code is B.  PA-TSA State Conference varies by event.


Category A – Official Dress (CHAPTER TEAM ONLY)

Blue Blazer with TSA Patch — NO PINS

White Collared Shirt/Blouse or National TSA shirt

Official TSA Tie

Gray Slacks or Skirt

Black Socks (boys), Stockings (girls) and Black Dress Shoes


Category B – Business-Like Attire

Sport Coat or Blazer (if possible)

Boys: Collared Dress Shirt with Tie; Dress Slacks

Girls: Dress, Dress Blouse and Skirt/Dress Slacks or Female

Business Suit

Best shoes possible

NOT PERMITTED: Worn Jeans, Hats and/or Shorts


Category C – Casual Event Dress

TSA Tee Shirt or Collared Shirt

Dress Slacks, Skirt or Good Jeans

Best Shoes Possible

NOT PERMITTED: Worn Jeans, Hats and/or Shorts


Category D – Casual Personal Time

Casual Dress Permitted

Sneakers (or some type of foot covering)

NOT PERMITTED: Tank Tops or “Poor Taste” Tee Shirts


The Dress Code for each event will be assigned by the Conference Director for the State Conference. Regional Conference will follow Category B of this Dress Code. The National Conference will follow the dress code established in THE OFFICIAL TSA COMPETITIVE EVENTS GUIDE(below).

National Dress Code:


Chapter and state advisors, parents, and chaperones are responsible for seeing that all TSA student members wear TSA competition, general session, or casual attire as occasions may require. TSA attire may be purchased online via the SHOP tab on the TSA website at TSA competition, general session, and casual attire are considered appropriate dress for conference activities and public appearances. Since adults (advisors, parents,and guests) serve as role models at TSA conferences and activities, they are expected to dress appropriately for all TSA occasions they attend. Students must adhere to the TSA dress code requirements as listed below.

Official Dress ·        During general sessions at the national TSA conference, student members must wear competition or general session TSA attire. Adults must dress appropriately. No flip flops, halter tops, tank tops,or shorts are permitted for anyone at general sessions.

·        When students compete in any competitive event they must wear competition attire. For Chapter Team  only , at both the middle school and high school levels, competitors also must wear a navy blue blazer with an official TSA patch; males (only) must wear the official TSA logo neck tie.

·        Students not in appropriate competition attire when they compete may be allowed to participate in an event, but they will lose twenty percent (20%) of the total possible competition points.


Shirt or blouse: official TSA shirt (royal blue)

Pants or skirt: light gray

Socks: black or dark blue (males only)

Shoes: black dress shoes (unacceptable: athletic shoes, army boots, combat, or work boots)

Sandals: females only may wear black open-toe shoes or sandals

Required for middle school or high school level Chapter Team only, but may be worn for other competitions if preferred by contestant:

Blazer: navy blue with official TSA patch

Tie: scarlet red imprinted with official TSA logo (males only) 



Shirt or blouse: button-up shirt with a turned down collar or a polo/golf shirt; however, the official TSA shirt (royal blue) is preferred

Dress skirt or pants: (unacceptable: jeans, baggy pants,exterior pocket pants, shorts)

Socks: black or dark blue (males only)

Shoes: dress shoes or dress boots (unacceptable: athletic shoes, combat, or work boots); females only may wear open-toe shoes or sandals



Same as general session attire, OR appropriate t-shirts, shorts, or jeans.

National TSA conference registrants must wear conference identification badges at all times.