Membership Responsibilities
Once selected by the local selection committee, known as the Faculty Council, a student is awarded membership in the local chapter at a special induction ceremony.  With induction, a member assumes certain obligations.  According to the National guidelines "the chapter must conduct a service project for the school or community, and see to the development of an individual service project for each member.  Chapters may choose to sponsor fundraising projects or involve themselves with the school to reach the chapter's goals established to encourage scholarship, promote leadership and service, and build character.  In addition, regular meetings of the chapter are to be held to conduct chapter business and communicate with members.  All active NHS chapter members are expected to support these and other chapter activities." 

In order to maintain NHS membership the following minimum must be done:


1.  NHS members must attend the mandatory monthly meetings.  Absences are excusable only for a sports game or a music performance, not for practice for either.  All other absences are unexcused.  If you are absent from school, you are not expected to attend the meeting.  NHS officers cannot excuse you from a meeting, an advisor must oversee this matter.


2.  Each member must complete a 15-hour individual service project.  You must turn in a service project proposal and keep a time log of your project.  The written proposal is due in early fall and the timelog for the project is due in springtime.


3.  Each member must also participate in at least two group service projects per semester.  There are many opportunities to be involved each semester.


4.  Participation in NHS sponsored dances is mandatory.  Dances are the major fundraiser used to finance service projects throughout the school year.  In addition, money raised is used to make substantial donations to various charities.


5.  Each member is expected to pay a nominal amount of dues each year. In the past, this has been $15. The members are responsible for supplying a snack food item for refreshments at the dances and possibly a meeting.  

6.  Part of the NHS service to the High School community is to act as a tutor when asked.  A member may be asked to tutor his/her peers at different times throughout the school year.  If you serve as a tutor it will usually count as a group service project depending on the length of time you act as a tutor.


7.  There are participation, attendance, and GPA reviews in each semester.  These reviews are made to determine whether a member will remain an active member of NHS.  For seniors, this will also determine whether he/she will graduate wearing the NHS stole.
8. Each member is expected to attend the NHS induction, which occurs in November. The induction begins at 2pm and is usually over by 3pm.
9. Members of NHS are to be good role models. We don't expect discipline issues from the members of NHS.
Print copy of the Membership Responsibilities available here.