Mathematics - K-5

The Quakertown Community School District Elementary Math teachers believe in nurturing an appreciation and enjoyment of mathematics, while developing a deep number sense. Our goals include teaching our students to become creative problem solvers who persevere, clearly communicate their thinking, and manipulate patterns and numbers with accuracy as well as fluency. Students are actively engaged as they make real world connections and realize math is embedded in their daily lives.  Mathematics instruction at the elementary level is currently based on Everyday Mathematics with some classrooms in the district piloting Eureka Math: A Story of Units  or My Math, with the intent of fully implementing one of the two pilot programs for the 2016-2017 school year.

In order to provide parents and students with an understanding of the rigor of the PSSA, we are including sample released PSSAs for grades 3-5 below. These are older editions, but they provide examples of PSSA rigor for you to preview with your child.
We have also developed a quick reference guide for parents featuring an overview of "what your child will learn" in each grade.  See the links below for course(s) that are specific to your children.

If your child is struggling with any concept in math and they need extra support, we are including some free online websites below that offer tutorials and practice exercises that are more conceptually based. Enjoy!