• Tips on Maintaining your District Laptop
    • Never shut down your computer while Windows is updating, this could cause data loss or corruption. We suggest letting Windows Updates install the night before school, so that it does not interfere with the student’s class work the next day.


    •  Never shut down your computer by holding the power button. This too can cause data loss or corruption. Shutdown properly through windows.


    • Carry your laptop in your bag to prevent any accidental damages. Also never hold or carry your computer by the display, this is a sure way of damaging your screen.


    •  In case of no wireless connection, try restarting your computer. This reapplies the wireless profile to the district laptop. The common cause of this is when a laptop is not properly shut down before arriving or leaving school. 

    • If this is a district supplied laptop and are unable to print, first verify that you are connected to the correct wireless. If connected to the correct wireless and you still cannot print, restart the laptop. If you are BYOD you will be unable to print to a school printer and will need to move your file to a district computer to print. 



    If the student is having a problem with their laptop or have any questions, a technician is available at the High School and Freshman Center every morning in the library.