Lead Teacher and Technology Coordinator
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QCSD Online
todd   Todd Silvius
  Online and Blended Learning Lead Teacher and
  Technology Coordinator
  tsilvius@qcsd.org  |  215-529-1256
  Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
The Technology Support Coordinator provides direct one-on-one support with all QCSD Online students and families in all buildings and synchronously online for those who cannot attend on campus for support.
Below is a graphic indication some areas of concern about which students would contact their Technology Coordinator.
  • Login Troubles -- student and coach account username and password support.
  • Computer Issues -- level one support for QCSD computers only. sorry no help for family computers.
  • Course Resource Access -- plug-ins, content that might be hidden instead of visible.
  • Hardward/Software Access -- peripherals, free word processor/presentation/spreadsheet software.


Teacher Communication Graphic