• Laptop Repair Pricing Guide

    In the beginning of the school year, all parents agreed to the following regarding the deployment of our 1:1 laptop initiative.  Highlighted below are the conditions of the agreement.  

    Usage Agreement

    This letter certifies that I give permission for my child, to receive on loan, the following equipment which is owned by the Quakertown Community School District. I understand this school district computer equipment is to be used for educational purposes and may be taken home during the school year.

    I agree that (without limiting the foregoing):

    1. I will, upon request, return this computer equipment to the school district for the purpose of repairs and software updates. I further understand that it is my responsibility to notify my teacher or the building office of any needed repairs immediately.
    2. I understand that only district-owned software may be installed on this computer.
    3. I understand that I will be responsible for loss and/or damages to this computer equipment due to negligence. Examples include, but are not limited to; Cracked LCD screens, Damaged exterior components from improper storage or being dropped, Missing Keys, etc.
    4. I understand that my use of this computer equipment is subject to all other school district policies including (without limitation) the school district’s Acceptable Use of Internet and District Computer System Policy. I further acknowledge I have read and understand this policy. I will take reasonable precautions to protect the computer from use by anyone other than my child, from theft, and from any viewing or transferring of data or materials thereon by anyone other than my child and his/her parents or guardians. I understand that since the computer is District owned property, web filtering will occur both at school and when used at home.
    5. I will provide proper care for the computer. This includes not exposing it to moisture, liquids, food crumbs, or extreme heat or cold. I will also carry this computer in the district-issued bag at all times.

    The School District makes every effort to cover needed repairs under warranty.  However, as referenced in #3 listed above, many times computers are damaged due to student neglect or proper safety precaution not being taken.  Listed below is a general pricing guide on the cost to repair damages.  Please note, the district does not make money on any of these repairs, as they are performed in house by our QCSD technicians.
    Laptop Pricing Guide (2015 - 2016)
     Parts 9th Graders(HP 645G1) 10th Graders(HP 640G1) 11th Graders(HP 6570b) 12th Graders(HP 6465)
     Keyboard  $ 79.00
      $ 79.00not available
    not available
     LCD  $ 75.00  $ 75.00$ 75.00
    $ 75.00
     LCD Top Cover
      $ 84.50  $ 84.50$ 63.26
    $ 63.26
     LCD Bezel
      $ 49.40  $ 49.40$ 50.27
    $ 50.27
     Palm Rest Plastics
      $ 120.00  $ 120.00$ 131.10
    $ 131.10
     Bottom Plastics
      $ 59.50  $ 59.50
    $ 66.50
    $ 66.50
     AC Adapter  
      $ 20.00  $ 20.00$ 20.00
     Battery  $ 99.00  $ 99.00not available
    not available