• Vision, Beliefs and Values
    Quakertown Community School District desires to provide and excellent educational program for all students enrolled in the district.  The Office of Teaching and Learning supplies the leadership necessary to make this a reality. This department oversees all curriculum work, all staff development opportunities, and state and district standardized assessments.
    Our Vision
    The goal of the Office for Teaching and Learning is to promote, implement and support learning for all.
    Our Beliefs
    • We believe all students can learn; we are all students
    • We believe in learning communities in which members discuss, explore and learn together.
    • We believe that professional development is most successful when it is personalized and job embedded.
    • We believe feedback is best when it is timely, specific, and focused on future action.
    • We believe teaching is an active and reflective process that links theory into practice
    • We believe assessment should be embedded in the learning process in order to respond to individual student needs.
    • We believe learning occurs when it is differentiated and personalized.
    • We believe planning, preparation, and reflection are essential to developing a high quality culture for learning.
    • Learning Above All: Learning is the reason we exist.   
    • We Serve:  We serve teachers, students, their families, and the community at  large. 
    • The High Road: We do the right thing for those we serve.  We are fair and treat each other with respect.
    • Open Doors: Everybody is welcome to talk to anybody.  We are open and all perspectives provide value.
    • Celebrate Joy: Our positive and caring culture supports and celebrates success.  We value joy, laughter, and fun.
    • Continuous Improvement: We seek a better way - always. We are engaged in an ongoing cycle of goal setting, action, measurement, and analysis.
    • One Team: We are in this together.  We may disagree, but at the end of the day,we support each other  100%. We share struggles and successes.
    • Constantly Learning: We are always learning.