Todd Silvius
Todd Silvius
 Teaching Experience
 • Teaching EQCSD Online and Blended Learning Lead Teacher
 • Wilkes University Graduate Teacher Program
 • QCSD Elementary Instrumental Music
 • Southern Lehigh School District Elementary Instrumental and General Music
 • Easton Area School District Assistant High School Marching Band Director
 • Northwestern Lehigh School District Middle School Instrumental and General Music
 • Moravian Academy Elementary General Music
Coaching Since
Personal Instructional Coaching Philosophy
I believe that sharing experiences with colleagues as part of the learning process is how both the teachers can grow professionally together. My personal coaching philosophy harmonizes with the OTL's vision, Learning for All, remembering that everyone's learning path looks a little different. I strive to remind others that it's OK to try new assessment and instructional approaches on this learning path and that they don't have to feel like they are trying new ideas alone.
Family - wife and three kids
Helping others find success
Online learning technologies
Assessment Strategies
Online curriculum and instructional practice
Blended learning
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