• By Gary Weckselblatt

    Quakertown Community School District Superintendent Dr. Bill Harner and School Board President Paul Stepanoff reiterated their commitment to the district’s stand against racism during a radio interview Monday morning.

    Speaking to radio host Dom Giordano on 1210 WPHT, Harner said QCSD has initiated a district-wide, building-wide strategy that includes community input. District officials have reached out to The Peace Center and the Pearl Buck Foundation to develop programs of inclusion.

    “I think we need to take a good look at ourselves,” said Harner, who met with the district’s Parent Council in the days following the racial incident with Cheltenham High School. “(The parents) said let’s fix it,  let’s go after it, and we will.”

    Stepanoff wants to log all instances of racism on QCSD.org, the district’s website. He said there have been three incidents reported to the School Board in the last four years, and the administration has dealt with each one. “We don’t tolerate hate at all,” he said, adding “We have a great bunch of kids here.”

    Both school leaders said the district will do its part to “fix the problem,” and said families and the community also play a key role in the solution.

    Giordano described QCSD as “a great school district. Guys like Harner are on top of this.”

    Gary Weckselblatt, director of communications, writes about the people and the programs that impact the Quakertown Community School District. He can be reached at gweckselblatt@qcsd.org and found on Twitter @TeamQCSD.