QCSD Board of School Directors
Here are the 2017 Board of School Directors. If you would like to send an email to the Board of School Directors, you may send your message to board@qcsd.org.

Paul Stepanoff

  Charles Shermer  
  Dwight Anderson
    Mr. Paul Stepanoff, President  
    Tenure since 2005  
Mr. Charles Shermer, Vice President
Tenure since 2013 
       Mr. Dwight Anderson
       Tenure since 2011 
 Ronald Jackson  Jonathan Kern  Steaven Klein
 Mr. Ronald Jackson    
Tenure since 2014     
 Mr. Jonathan Kern
Tenure since 2015 
 Mr. Steaven Klein
Tenure since 2015 
Stephen Ripper

Dr. Sedicum

 Robert Smith
 Mr. Stephen Ripper
Tenure since 2013 
Dr. Austin Sedicum
Tenure since 2015 
 Mr. Robert Smith
Tenure since 2009