2016-2017 Registration 
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If you are registering a child for the 2016-2017 school year, please follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment and complete the InfoSnap on line registration documents.  
All registrations are by appointment only
Click here to book your appointment.

  • Register with the Appointment System website
  • Select School Registration from the “Select a Service” drop down list
  • Select the date that you prefer from the calendar
  • The available time slots will appear on the right.  Select the time you prefer for the appointment
  • Your selected appointment information will appear on the right.  You must select “Finalize Appointment” at the bottom of the page.  
  • You need a separate appointment for each child that you are registering.
  • You will receive a confirmation number and email for each appointment.
All registration appointments are held at the: 
         District Services Center
         100 Commerce Drive
         Quakertown, PA  18951
InfoSnap online registration forms must be completed prior to your appointment.  Click here to complete the on line registration documentation using INFOSNAP 
Required Documents:  The following 5 items are required by law for admission in Quakertown Community School District.  Acceptable documentation for each item is listed below.
      1.  Proof of Child’s age
               Original Birth Certificate 
               Notarized copy of birth certificate
               Baptismal Certificate 
               Notarized copy of baptismal certificate
                 Notarized statement from parents or another relative indicating the date of birth 
               Valid Passport
               Prior school record indicating date of birth 
      2.  Immunizations
               Immunization Record
      3.  Proof of Residency
               A.  One of the following mandatory documents:
                        o  Proof of home ownership (Current deed, property tax bill, mortgage                             statement, agreement of sale, settlement paperwork)
                        o  Current rental lease 
               B.  PLUS two of the following additional documents:
                        o  current utility bill
                        o  current credit card statement
                        o  current bank statement
                        o  current paycheck stub
                        o  public assistance or social security
                        o  current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance
      (Note:  All documentation must be current and in the name of the parent/guardian            registering the child.)
      4.  Parental Registration Statement (completed in the InfoSnap registration form)
      5.  Home Language Survey (completed in the InfoSnap registration form)
   In addition to the above documents, the parent/guardian registering the child will be    asked to provide picture identification.
Multiple Occupancy:  an application for Multiple Occupancy may be required in cases where you and your child are residing with another family within the Quakertown Community School District and you cannot provide the mandatory proof of residence documentation.  Please click here for more information regarding Multiple Occupancy.
Guardianship Questionnaire:  You must be the legal parent/guardian of the child you are registering.  If you are not the legal parent, you must provide legal documentation to show that you are the child’s guardian.  If the student is living in a household of a school district resident who is not the parent or legal guardian but will assume responsibility for the student, the resident must complete this questionnaire.  Registration will not be considered until the District has reviewed and approved this questionnaire.  Upon review/approval, the District will provide a 1302 Affidavit to the undersigned resident and parent.  The affidavit will need to be completed, signed, and notarized prior to registration.  Please click here for the Guardianship Questionnaire.