• Transcript: Welcome to Pfaff Elementary
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    Man’s voice: Hello, my name's Eric Thompson, I have the privilege of being the principal of the Pfaff learning community. At Pfaff we have a strong commitment to teaching the whole child, developing students’ academic abilities, and increasing their knowledge of content areas while also creating an environment that supports their social, emotional development. I’m very proud of the achievements and growth our students make while in our school and afterwards consistently achieving at high levels academically, serving the school and larger community and working to be Pfaff Proud by making good choices and taking responsibility for their learning and decisions. Please enjoy looking around on our website. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me or any one of our staff members. Thank you.

    Woman: So our favorite thing about Pfaff is that we get to work with such great people. I mean, how lucky am I right here? But not only working with great teachers, but working with great students. We get to get together and join with our grade levels and other grade levels to work together to produce some pretty awesome products here. Anything else?

    Man: Doing our best. Accepting nothing less.

    Man: Plus the honor of working with Mr. Thompson.

    Woman – We are Pfaff Proud!

    Man: Go Pumas.

    Girl: I like Pfaff because they have nice teachers.

    Girl: I like that Pfaff has a playground.

    Boy: I think the teachers at Pfaff are really nice.

    Girl: I like recess and the assemblies.

    Girl: I really like the teachers at Pfaff and I like the kids.

    Boy: I like Pfaff because I like to go to gym class.

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