Requesting an Evaluation

The district uses a comprehensive system of screenings, instructional support, reading specialist services, and special education services to identify and meet the needs of students who are not making satisfactory progress.

Parents should contact the school nurse if they have concerns about their child's vision or hearing.

Parents should contact their child's classroom teacher concerning academic, social, behavioral, speech, or motor concerns. The school's guidance counselor, reading specialist, instructional support teacher, speech therapist, and adaptive physical education teacher are also available to consult next with parents, depending upon the child's area of need.

The instructional support team (IST) process is designed and staffed to provide support to students and their teachers in regular classes. The school principal directs the school's IST process. Parents are important IST members and attend planning meetings concerning their child.

Parents are encouraged to utilize the IST process prior to requesting formal testing to determine whether their child is a student with a disability. However, federal law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) gives parents the right to request such an evaluation at any time, even prior to IST intervention.

When parents wish to request a multidisciplinary team (MDT) evaluation, they should contact the building principal. The district has prepared a form to assist parents in requesting a formal evaluation.

Parents may request an evaluation to determine whether their child qualifies for gifted support. IST intervention does not precede an evaluation for gifted support.

Parents with questions about the formal, MDT evaluation process may contact either of the district's school psychologists:

Dr. Kevin Kelly at [email protected]
Dr. April Fisher at [email protected] 
Mrs. Courtney Artau at [email protected]

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