• Curriculum
    QCSD Online
    The Quakertown Community School District Curriculum is drawn from academic standards formulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  These standards outline what a student is expected to know and be able to do at each grade level; their complexity and sophistication progress as students enter higher grades.  The QCSD online learning Program adheres to the same curriculum as that taught in the districts' buildings.  Infused with the same rigor and relevance, the QCSD Online Program's curriculum offers classes that mirror the brick-and-mortar classroom, but are taught in a manner that engages and supports the online student.  A student who graduates from this program will be prepared as a Quakertown Community School District graduate and will receive a diploma guaranteeing the same rights and privileges as that obtained in the traditional setting.
    QCSD Cyber courses are structured by Unit and Lessons and include formative and summative assessments. Every course is taught by a PA Highly Qualified teacher who sends out regular student communication, weekly progress goals and provides grades and feedback to the students on their work.  
    If students have any questions about the curriculum or course content teachers are accessible by
    • email
    • phone
    • computer audio chat
    • instant message chat
    • webinar classroom
    • in person during their cyber planning period 
    For a list of all of our current course offerings and teachers click here