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    Richland Front  

    What is PROUD?


    PROUD isa school-wide positive behavior support program at Richland Elementary.  The idea is that ALL students and staff will be"proud" of themselves, one another, and their school.


    ThePennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is promoting a program called PennsylvaniaPositive Behavioral Supports (PA-PBS) that encourages the same ideals as our PROUDprogram.


    PA-PBScreates and maintains a safe school where learning is the focus. Instead ofreacting to behavior, the school sets an atmosphere of teaching exactly what isexpected, making it a preventative rather than reactive approach to discipline.The goal is to get everyone on the same page, record the behaviors to identifyproblems, and then plan interventions to help decrease the problems. It is asystematic approach that makes the expectations, rewards, and consequencesclear for everyone.



    Richland Pledge

    We are Richland PROUD!

    P Polite

    R Respectful and responsible

    O Organized for learning

    U Understanding of others

    D Doing great things

    We are Richland PROUD!



    How Can You Help?

    The teachers at Richland can use your help!  We encourage you to discuss the PROUD program with your child and how he/she can demonstrate these traits at school and athome. You may want to use the PROUD Home matrix to reinforce these behaviors.

    Playing nicely at school and at home is anotherpositive step in teaching responsibility and respect for everyone.  Ask your child to use the rules taught atschool when playing at home and in the neighborhood.