Richland Elementary School  

General Information

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  • School starts at 9:15 AM.  The bell rings for the students to enter the building at 9:00 AM.


  • There are no advantages in arriving earlier than necessary.  Bringing children earlier than the scheduled arrival time causes unnecessary waiting time for children outside of the building and they are not supervised.  Students may not enter the building until 9:00 AM. They should arrive at that time.


  • Always escort or watch to make sure your child enters the building or is under the supervision of an adult from the school.  Never drop a child off and assume he/she will get into the building.  If your child is late, please park in the staff lot and escort him/her to the office to sign an absentee/tardy slip.
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  • ABSENTEEISM – When your child is absent, please call the school by 9:00 AM.  If we do not receive a call, we will call you to verify the whereabouts of your child.
  • EMERGENCY INFORMATION – Please keep the office informed of any changes in phone numbers, address, employer information and emergency contacts.
  • WRITTEN NOTIFICATION - This is necessary for any change in the way your child is picked up and/or goes home from school.  In situations where children visit with other children after school, both children need a note.
  • EMERGENCY BACK-UP PLAN – Does your child know what to do if he/she arrives home and no one is there?  Have a plan in place and practice it.  Please be specific about the plan for your child should school unexpectedly close early. (i.e.  which neighbors house, exactly how will they get in your home)  The more specific you are the safer your child will be.  Please also keep in mind that making a phone call is not an option.  The phones could be down.
  • CUSTODY ISSUES – Please inform us about current information regarding court issues and custody situations.
  • CHILD CARE – Please inform us if there are changes in child care arrangements.  If a change in busing is required, Adult Supervision Forms for bus changes must be filled out at least 5 days prior to the change. Forms are available in the office, or on the building website.

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 Dr. Kathy Winters  Principal  215-529-2450 
 Lori Moyer     Secretary  215-529-2453
 Mrs. Maggie Stauffer  School Nurse  215-529-2460
 Mrs.Deb Bishop Schmolk  Counselor  215-529-2456  
 Mrs. Robbie DiStefano Reading Specialist 215-529-2488
 Mrs. Jen Froshour Instructional Support  215-529-2462

TPO (Parent-Teacher) Organization        

              Mrs. Karen Mallo                    President                                215-538-9745

              Mrs. Amy Harwick                 Co-President                           215-264-0671
              Mrs. Jen Wishingrad              Co- President                          215-620-8600
              Mrs. Carrie Shaw                    Co-Treasurer                          215-538-828
              Mrs. Judy Fiorello                   Recording Secretary               631-682-0635
              Mrs. Diane Richino                 Corresponding Secretary       267-377-7747




 Emergency Closing of School

In case of an unexpected closing of school due to inclement weather, you will be contacted via Connect Ed. Another option is to call the Inform-a-line 215-529-2010, check the QCSD website  or listen to the radio or television for school closing and early dismissal information. Our school number is 780.      


WFMZ (100.7 FM)                                 

WAEB (104.1FM)                                   

WLEV (96.1 FM)                                    

WNPV (1440 AM)                                              

WHOL (1600AM)                                                           

KYW (1060 AM)


Television Channels: 3, 6, 10, FOX 29 and WFMZ TV Channel 69