• Grades 9-12 Online Learning
    QCSD Online
    At the high school level, students have a choice to enroll as a full-time online student or blend their instruction by taking some of their courses online and some face to face. Unlike other full-time cyber programs, if there are questions, concerns, or issues, there are staff and faculty members at your local community schools ready to serve you.  The Quakertown Online Academy is specifically designed to meet the needs of all students.  All students enrolled in the QCSD Online Academy are active members of the school community who can take full advantage of school district services and activities, including access to the following opportunities:

    • The QCSD Diploma earned upon graduation
    • QCSD clubs and activities (sports, band, chorus, assemblies, field trips, concerts, dances/prom, family fun nights, etc.)
    • Instruction from highly qualified teachers
    • Individualized learning activities and pathways
    • Face-to-face QCSD school counselor and academic support
    • Pupil Services and exceptional IEP Case Management for students with disabilities
    • Technical and academic mentoring from our QCSD Online Team
    • A high-quality, standards-aligned curriculum
    • Flexible scheduling to meet your child and family’s unique needs and situation
    • World Language course selections as indicated here.
    • Access to the various programs at Upper Bucks County Technical School