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    Pfaff and Quakertown Elementary's
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    Phone:  215-529-2867
    Please check the list below to see when each class attends music.

    Day 1: Miller(Pfaff)
    Day 2: Friel; Cammann; Agostino; Moyer; Kelly (Pfaff)
    Day 3: Menchaca; Gridley; Connelly; Padden; Kennedy (Pfaff)
    Day 4: Wolfinger; Stottlemyer; Farrell; Robbins; Newill (Pfaff)
    Day 5: Held; Reidi; Martin; Wieand; Rosica; Riley (QE)
    Day 6: Wysocki; Pierce; Goldcamp; Yerger; Altner (QE) 
    *Clip Art courtesy of Discovery Channel School