Staff FAQs
QCSD Online
Q:  Who are the teachers?
A:  All teachers of the QCSD Online program courses are highly qualified Pennsylvania teachers.  All of the QCSD Online course teachers are teachers working in our building except for some world language courses from language partner programs as well as any Virtual High School (VHS) program teachers.
Q:  Do students get to meet with school counselors as they do in the traditional setting?
A:  Yes – all students enrolled in QCSD online courses have full access to all counseling services offered by the Quakertown Community School District.  For more information about our guidance department click here

Q:  Does QCSD provide technical support?
A:  Yes.  The QCSD Online program has dedicated technical support available to students using QCSD hardware. QCSD cannot provide technical support for personal/family-owned computers brought from home to school beyond software utilization.