Hi, I am Ms. Eskicirak,

    The students usually call me Ms. E for short. I have worked for the Quakertown School District since 2006 and been a School Counselor since 2008. I have an Associate’s degree in Business and Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I earned my Masters in School Counseling at Gwynedd Mercy. I live and work in the Quakertown and enjoy being a part of this wonderful community. My boys both went to school in Quakertown as well and have made wonderful friends. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you and your children.

    As a school counselor, students may come to me for issues with friendships, bullying, organization, communication, family issues, scheduling, and a variety of other services and supports. My door is always open to students for any questions, concerns, or just to talk.   

    One of my duties includes coordinating the Student Assistance Program (SAP). SAP is a statewide program that focuses on helping struggling students. For those students struggling academically, emotionally, and/or behaviorally, the SAP team can help. Our team consists of specially trained counselors, administrators, and teachers. The SAP team works with the student and their family to access resources inside and outside of school in order to help the student be more successful.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email.

    Thank you!