•  Canvas for Parents Frequently Asked Questions

    Creating an Observer Account



    • How do I link other students to my account?
      • See the directions above in which you utilize a pairing code with your observer account. 
    • How do I get my child's username and password?
      • Begin with your student(s) as they are typically provided this information in the first few days of school. If your student is unable to provide that information, the building secretary will be able to provide that information for you.  In general, usernames take the following format: 
        • First four letters of the last name + first four letters of the first name + birthday
        • Example: smitjohn14
      • Passwords are randomly created by the district.


    • Why can't I just log in as my student instead of creating this new Observer account?
      • The biggest advantage to creating an Observer account is that you can receive email/ text message notifications when announcements are shared by the teacher. Logging in as an Observer gives you similar access to content and your childs work as well. 



    Observer Account Navigation


    Observer Account Settings


    Using the Canvas Parent App  Canvas Parent App






    What is “Blended” Learning
    Blended or hybrid learning is grounded in the belief that learning can and does occur anytime, anywhere. An LMS, like Canvas, is one tool in providing students access to high quality teachers and high quality content. It should also ensure that students have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside one another in both face to face and digital spaces. Seventeen years into the 21st century we continue to grapple with the 4 C’s and how they become evident in our classrooms and schools. Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking are essential elements not just in the work of educators, but in the lives of our students on a day to day basis both inside and outside of school. As our students turn more and more to online spaces, it becomes crucial that we help them to effectively and efficiently learn how to use these spaces for their own learning . A learning management system, provides a safe space for learners to think, share, and create. Blended learning is about embracing all of the tools: both print and digital. Blended learning is about utilizing all of the spaces -- the four walled classrooms and the world. Blended learning is about providing students the opportunities to ask their own questions, shape their own learning, and to more readily personalize the experiences that lead to engagement and deeper meaning.

    Did you know: 75% of respondents from the 2016 QCSD Graduate Survey reported using a Learning Management System in post-graduate education. Of those respondents, more than half use Canvas.


    How does the use of Canvas support my student and their learning?

    Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides your student with:

    • Access to any and all resources utilized by the classroom teacher
    • Communication of upcoming assignments, assessments, and other need to know items and reminders through Announcements.
    • Opportunities for immediate feedback on quizzes and tests and text, audio/ and or video feedback on all student work submitted through Canvas.
    • Opportunities to discuss class content, assignments, and sharing of ideas through Discussion boards that are private to the classmates.
    • An organized area where all elements of learning and instruction come together.


    What does Canvas provide for me as a parent or guardian?
    We highly encourage you to create an “Observer” account which allows you to observe how your child is using Canvas as a learner. As an observer, you can:

    • receive the same announcements your student is from their teachers
    • view the timeliness, quantity and quality of student work submitted to Canvas
    • view the grade earned and teacher's feedback either in
    • text format feedback
    • audio format feedback
    • video format feedback
    • receive information and announcements from your building principals

    Canvas does not replace PowerSchool as our grade reporting student information system. While grading in Canvas at the assignment level will provide students and parents feedback on those assignments, PowerSchool will remain the official grading and student information system in QCSD.

    • To access PowerSchool for Parents click here.
    • To learn how to create a PowerSchool Account in QCSD click here.

    In addition to viewing details about student work, Canvas is an post-office delivery service of school communication. As you register your child/ren under a single Canvas Observer account that you sign-up for you can decide how often and in what format you want to receive updates, or Announcements. Do you prefer them:

    • in email format? in text message format? 
    • using the Canvas Mobile Device App and its push notifications?
    • Right-away? Weekly? in a daily summary for you to scan through at night?
    • or on your computer by logging into Canvas to check the Canvas Dashboard for updates?

    Canvas will not replace the Connect calls or district web site communication systems. These services will continue to send you important district-wide information on demand. You will still receive Connect call updates pending your annual InfoSnap account updates, and you can access our web site as before; however, the Canvas Observer account grants you access to any of your child's work submitted to Canvas, teacher feedback on that student work, class information, all while aggregating communication from each of your child's teachers using Canvas in their classes delivered to you on your schedule.


    How will Teachers at different levels  utilize Canvas?

    Kindergarten-Second grade will mainly use Canvas to post Announcements and add classroom content to have access to at home.

    Teachers in Grades 3-12 will utilize Canvas to:

    • Post Announcements
    • Add links/ files to in class content and resources such as presentations, graphic organizers, readings, videos, etc.
    • Support students with the use of the ePortfolio tool to afford them opportunities to reflect on their growth and work.

    Teachers in Grades 3-12 may utilize other elements of Canvas such as:

    • Discussion Boards
    • Quizzes and Surveys
    • Collection of other assignments and assessments to provide feedback on student work.

    While the elements of Canvas are the same each teacher will be utilizing those resources to meet the needs of each learner in their own ways.



     How will Building Principals utilize Canvas? 

    Building principals have each developed family and community resource "courses" in which you can access important information and links to support you and your student(s).  They will also occasionally send announcements notifying you of upcoming opportunities,  information about the building, and sharing new resources that were added.  Your child has been automatically been enrolled in this course and once you create your observer account, you will be able to access these resources.