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    Quakertown Elementary School students, with passports in hand, “traveled” to 12 countries Wednesday.

    With exhibits set up outside the school, students from kindergarten through fifth grade “visited” Algeria, Brazil, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia and Vietnam. It was part of the school’s annual “Celebration of Cultures.”

    “Our faculty and staff did a tremendous job putting everything together,” Principal Dr. Michael Zackon said. “This was an outstanding and important educational event for our students.”

    During the jam-packed day of learn about other cultures, each student had a passport signed at the various exhibits, which were staffed by students from Quakertown Community High School. Erika Studer-Macy, who teaches at the Sixth Grade Center and Strayer Middle School, had 12 of her students from 10 different countries speak with QE students at other tables..

    Each class selected one country to research, and later reported their findings to the entire school.

    In an end-of-the-day assembly, everyone watched a performance by Chinese acrobats. “It was a great opportunity for us to learn about the arts in other cultures,” Dr. Zackon said.