• Eight-one students from the Quakertown Community School District competed in the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association Conference from April 10-13. The students were from the Sixth Grade Center (17), Strayer Middle School (34) and Quakertown Community High School (30). Here are the results:

    Sixth Grade Center

    Matthew Burger: 6th Junior Solar Sprint

    Derek Calvello: 5th Dragster; 6th R/C Off-Road Racing

    Viktor Durr: 7th Robotics

    Logan Godshall: 1st Dragster

    Kieran Hennessy: 6th R/C Off-Road Racing

    Evan Mooney: 6th Junior Solar Sprint

    Tyler Moyer: 6th Junior Solar Sprint; 7th Robotics; 8th Dragster

    Luca Notarianni: 6th R/C Off-Road Racing; 10th Junior Solar Sprint

    Ryley Peloquin: 5th Mechanical Engineering

    Annabelle Troup: 5th Mechanical Engineering

    Aiden Whiteley: 9th Dragster; 10th Junior Solar Sprint


    Strayer Middle School

    Kaitlin Calvello: 5th, Logo Design

    Ryan Dauter: 1st Prepared Speech; 3rd Junior Solar Sprint; 4th Structural Engineering; 8th Flight

    Hasan Demirgil: 6th Medical Technology; 6th Robotics

    Kayra DeVries: 4th Junior Solar Sprint; 7th Mass Production

    Jillian Fiorello: 6th Digital Photography; 9th Promotional Marketing

    John Gilley: 7th, Dragster

    Lauren Harwick: 4th Structural Engineering

    Evan Hilton: 2nd Dragster; 3rd R/C Off-Road Racing; 6th Robotics

    Alyssa Klempner: 3rd Construction Challenge; 10th Medical Technology

    Kelly Kreuz: 1st Materials Process; 3rd Community Service Video; 6th Medical Technology

    Olivia Litvinchuk: 3rd Construction Challenge; 10th Medical Technology

    Dylan Lystad: 3rd R/C Off-Road Racing; 6th Dragster

    Grace Maceri: 3rd Community Service Video; 6th medical Technology

    Madison Mallery: 3rd R/C Off-Road Racing

    Zachary Polek: 4th Dragster

    Megan Roth: 2nd Delta Dart

    Claire Russell: 3rd Community Service Video; 6th Medical Technology

    Carter Schwartz: 3rd Dragster; 6th Robotics; 9th CAD Foundations

    Kayla Sicher: 1st Flight; 4th Junior Solar Sprint; 7th Mass Production

    Ethan Tomlinson: 3rd Junior Solar Sprint; 10th Dragster

    Darby Vail: 3rd Construction Challenge; 5th Essays on Technology

    Ayden Walsh: 3rd Junior Solar Sprint; 6th Robotics

    Quakertown Community High School

    Samantha Baker: 9th Logo Design

    Cian Brownlee: 6th Digital Video Production

    Aidan Halteman; 6th Digital Video Production

    Kyle Harwick: 6th Biotechnology Design

    Elizabeth Hilton: 6th Biotechnology Design

    Kara Kreuz: 6th Biotechnology Design; 7th Materials Processes

    Emily Maceri: 6th Biotechnology Design

    Dylan Moyer: 3rd Flight Endurance; 8th R/C Off-Road Racing

    Adeniyi Onanuga: 1st Computer-Aided Design, Architecture; 10th Architectural Design

    Philip Richwine: 8th Dragster Design

    Darian Sawadski: 8th R/C Off-Road Racing

    Lucas Schwartz: 6th Digital Video Production; 8th R/C Off-Road Racing