Milford Middle School is one of the two middle schools in the Quakertown Community School District.  It consists of grades six, seven and eight.  Milford Middle School has approximately 500  students.  There are approximately sixty members of the professional and support staff with diversified experience and talent. 

    Milford Middle School is located in a rural setting and rests on a forty-acre campus about three miles from Quakertown.  Milford Middle School is structured around the team concept.  A wide variety of specials courses are an important part of the curriculum as well. Many opportunities exist for students to participate in after school academic enrichment, athletics, and performing arts. 

    The program delivered to students encompasses the four core values that the Milford community shares.  First, and foremost, academic excellence is expected and rewarded.  Second, students are encouraged to be leaders.  These leaders can be formal, such as, elected offices or positions, or informal within the classroom setting and in the hallways at Milford.  Third, students are asked to be good citizens.  Good citizenship takes many faces and is a key to the positive atmosphere that all visitors feel when they walk into Milford.  Finally, students are expected to demonstrate a strong work ethic.  Students are encouraged to always put forth their best effort and to only submit their best quality work at all times.

    Should you visit or become a part of the Milford family, you will quickly see what we believe and often say,
    "Great things happen here everyday."