• This course integrates school library information literacy standards with core curriculum requirements.  Students learn to locate, evaluate, and utilize information from a variety of resources.  Emphasis is placed on developing, reinforcing and applying skills for effective and independent research.
    Essential Questions:
    1. How is organized information accessed efficiently and effectively?
    2. How do one decide what kind of information package is relevant?
    3. How does an information package relate to personal interests?
    4. What is the most appropriate way to seek information and generate knowledge?
    5. How can an individual be a socially responsible participant within a society?
    1. Accessing Information Print Sources
    2. Evaluating Information Relevancy
    3. Acquiring Information for Personal Interests
    4. Locating Information and Generating Knowledge
    5. Creating Socially Responsible Learners
    • Making Connections
    • Monitoring
    • Asking Questions
    • Evaluating Sources
    • Visualizing
    • Drawing Inferences
    • Determining Important Ideas
    • Synthesizing Information
    • Monitoring Comprehension
Last Modified on July 9, 2008