Strayer Middle School


Mr. David DiSora  
Mrs.  Catherine Siciliano
Room D-144
Room D-146
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6th Grade Curriculum - "Computer Literacy "
Time Allocation: 90 Days Per Year (Every day for two marking periods)

Quakertown Community School District provides the 6th Grade Middle School student the opportunity to develop technology related skills in the following areas:

  • Computer Applications Through:
    • Word Processing Skills (Microsoft Word)
    • Spreadsheet Skills (Microsoft Excel)
  • Computer Components Both Internal and External
  • Basic Skills in Coding using Blockly
  • Internet Safety and Cyberbulling
  • Multimedia Presentation
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Windows Movie Maker
    • Online Movie Creators
  • Authoring Programs
    • Audacity - Audio Mashup
    • Aviary

Learning Targets Covered:

  • 01.01 Factors Influencing a Message
  • 02.01 Creative Thinking
  • 03.01 Research and Information Fluency
  • 04.01 Social, Ethical, Human Issues in Technology
  • 05.01 Troubleshooting
  • 06.01 Computer Applications


For more information please visit Mrs. Siciliano's or Mr. DiSora's web page

8th Grade Curriculum -  "Futures "
Time Allocation:  45 Days Per Year (Every day for one marking period)


Eight grade offers many opportunities to begin planning and setting goals for your future career path.  The words depicted in the wordoodle are words that will become more familiar to you as you move from the school environment to the work environment. I like to call this course "News You Can Use".  The topics that will be covered in this course are depicted in the graphic above.  At the center of the graphic is the word "Career".  Have you given much thought to what your Future holds?

This course will afford you the opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards work, develop necessary skills t make a successful transition from school to the world of work, and from job to job across a career lifespan; and gain an understanding of the relationship between success in school and future success in the world of work.

  • Career Awareness - Personal Inventory Assessments

  • Career Preparation - Goal Setting - College/Tech School Search

  • Career Acquisition - Application Process - Resume Building

  • Career Retention - 21st Century Skills - Workplace Expectations

  • Budget - Money Skills/Management

  • Technology - Use - Protocol - Research

  • Project Management - Teamwork