Instructional Support (IST)


    IST is offered to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

    IST is a team approach including teachers, counselors, administrators and/or parents.

    IST is a data based program.  PSSA scores, NWEA data and classroom performance are important factors the team considers when determining student appropriateness for the program.


    Types of services:


    Teachers and aides help students right in their classrooms, providing "on the spot" help with skills or concepts being taught.



    Teacher provides small group remediation in math. IST is a scheduled class. Students are typically scheduled every other day, but can be scheduled every day if needed/requested.   




    Ms. Cornish-provides push-in classroom support, small group remediation, and meets with academic teams and/or parents as needed.





    Mrs. Wrecsics

    Mrs. Owens

    Mrs. Harr