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    Welcome to Eighth Grade Language Arts! 
      Mrs. Sue LaBonge

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    ELA 8 Curriculum

    In 2009-10, grades 8, 9 and 10 in Quakertown adopted the SpringBoard curriculum.  In each grade, the standardized, rigorous lessons follow a five-unit thematic structure that emphasizes the developmental mastery processes of reading and writing. The vertical alignment from one grade to the next will help students develop critical literacy skills that will impact their achievement in all disciplines, on PSSA and college entrance exams and in the workplace. The National Writing Project, Reading Apprenticeship, best practices in adolescent literacy and 21st century skills are embedded in the SpringBoard program. Students will have access to online materials from school and home computers. Diverse texts include books, film clips, photographs, poems and advertisements. Lessons will allow students to develop higher order thinking skills necessary for lifelong learning and post secondary success. 
    For your convenience, the SpringBoard curriculum is also available on-line.  A link is attached to my homework page that enables students to access the textbook and complete assignments at home, if the need arises.  This also gives parents the opportunity to see what is being taught and how the units progress through the year.