• Contact Information:
    Phone/voicemail:  215-529-2413

    Email:  ebruchak@qcsd.org 

                The overall role of an elementary school counselor is to support students & families in a variety of ways in order to help students achieve success in the academic setting.  A school counselor focuses on students' academic, career, and social/emotional development.  Please contact me any time with questions or concerns.   Times of transition (moving, separation/divorce, illness/death of loved one, re-marriage, new sibling, job loss, military deployment)  are difficult for the entire family and often impact a child's school performance/behavior.  Below are some of the services provided:
              Individual Counseling

              Small Group Counseling

              Classroom Lessons

              Member of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support System Team

              Olweus Anti-Bullying Program

              BIGS Mentoring Program
              Families in Need Program
    Pride of Quakertown Scholarships
    Consultation with Teachers, Parents & Outside Organizations
    Provide/Share Resources and Referral Information

    Instructional Support Team & CORE Team Member

    PSSA Testing Coordinator
    Process Referrals/Paperwork for Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy,
    Physical Therapy, Educational Testing, Behavioral Interventions, Hearing and Vision Services
                GIEP Case Manager
              504 Plans/Service Agreements Case Manager


Last Modified on January 5, 2016