Business Department


    All of the Quakertown Community School District (QCSD) financial transactions are the responsibility of the Business Department located at 100 Commerce Drive in Quakertown. The Business Department is dedicated to providing support and fiscal guidance to school administration and staff so they may focus on addressing the academic and extracurricular needs of our students.


    The Business Department performs many tasks associated with the non-academic areas of the school district. At QCSD, we realize that as we strive to efficiently carry out our primary mission of educating children, we are indeed responsible to the local taxpayers who contribute to meet the revenue needs of the school district as we endeavor to invest wisely in our future and effectively educating the students of our school district.
    Duties Performed by the Business Department Include: 

    • Development of an Annual Budget
    • General Fund Accounting
    • Capital Fund Accounting (Construction & Renovation Expenses)
    • Child Accounting
    • Processing of  Payroll
    • Purchasing of Materials and supplies
    • Payment of the District’s Financial Obligations (Accounts Payable)
    • Purchasing of Materials, Supplies and Services
    • Managing the Copier and Technology Leases
    • Annual Financial reporting to the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    • Managing  Insurance Policies and Associated Claims
    • Managing Outstanding Debt (New Debt Issuances and Restructuring of Existing Debt)
    • Managing Federal, State and Local Audits
    • Managing of the Tax Department including Oversight of the Tax Collectors
    • Oversight of the Transportation Department
    • Oversight of the Food Service Management Program
    • Managing the Free & Reduced Meal Program
    • Oversight of Community School Programs (Student Activities, Pay to Play, Sports Camps)
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    To contact the Business Department, please call (215) 529-2032.
    Business Department Contacts:

    Finance Director: Lynn Routson - (215) 529-2033, lroutson@qcsd.org

    Business Office/Procurement Manager: Nicole L. DelGuerico - (215) 529-2032 ndelguerico@qcsd.org 

    Accounts Payable/Receivable/Student Activities: Wendy Snyder - (215) 529-2041 wsnyder@qcsd.org

    Accounts Payable/Receivable/Free & Reduced Lunch: Stacy Reiss – (215) 529-2022 sreiss@qcsd.org 

    Payroll Coordinator & Tax Office: Julie Heffentrager – (215) 529-2019 jheffentrager@qcsd.org

    Food Service Director: Peter Kelley, Chartwells Dining Services – (215) 529-2017 pkelley@qcsd.org