The most important intervention program in the three secondary schools of the Quakertown Community School District is its program to notice and help students who demonstrate behavioral changes. The SAP effort deals with more than suspected drug and alcohol use. SAP addresses a variety of problems experienced by students that threaten their achievement and well being.

    Recognized for over 13 years as one of the state’s most productive public school programs, the district’s SAP teams are trained to notice changes in student behavior and behaviors that are out of the ordinary. Students differ one from another, and adolescence presents challenges to most students (and their parents). However, students who are experiencing significant mental health problems, physical problems, or drug and/or alcohol issues share one thing in common: the trained eyes and ears of their teachers may notice these significant changes.

    When teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, secretaries, or administrators express concern about an individual student, SAP invites parent involvement.

    The district contracts with both the Bucks County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (BCCADD)and The Penn Foundationto provide free, confidential assessments of students referred by SAP.

    The results of such assessments are shared with the student’s parents. The evaluator issues recommendations to the student and parent, which might include one of the following: nothing needed, counseling, outpatient therapy, or, in a small percentage of cases, inpatient rehabilitation or hospitalization. Educational sessions around a given topic are sometimes the result of SAP.

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