Working TOGETHER to be our best!!



As Tohickon Valley Tigers we are:

  • Thoughtful and thorough
  • Independent and involved
  • Generous and goal-oriented
  • Enthusiastic and eager
  • Respectful and responsible
  • Self-disciplined and self–confident


In the lunchroom we:

  • use 6 inch voices
  • sit on the benches
  • keep feet on the floor
  • give attention when an adult speaks
  • keep hands and feet to ourselves


In the bathrooms we:

  • keep the bathrooms clean
  • use good bathroom manners
  • speak quietly


In the hallways we:

  • walk at all times
  • speak quietly
  • move on the right side of the hall
  • keep our hands and feet to ourselves


On the playground we:

  • play safely
  • play fairly
  • respect others