•                  GENERAL MUSIC - Grade 7  

    Name: Cynthia Teprovich                
    Email Address: cteprovich@qcsd.org
    Phone number: 215-529-2328
    Grade 7 General Music meets every other day for  one semester  a total of 45 days for the entire school year.  
    I.  In the first marking period the students will become familiar with and experience the Fundamentals of Music (basic music theory) at Level 2 through
     performance of Level 2 repertoire on the Recorder (note/rhythm reading with soprano recorder) thus reinforcing the big concepts and learning targets for Level 2 middle school musicianship skills. This unit being at Level 2 also engages the student in a music composition activity for the soprano recorder.
    II.  In the second marking period the student will become familiar with and experience a brief  music history and listening skills unit that begins with music of the Medieval Period up into and including the 20th Century.  In this unit the students will become familiar with the historic period or genre, the composer, the style, and the aesthetic response for each musical selection. This unit will reinforce the art of listening skills as well as inform the student by providing a brief over view of many styles of music throughout music history. This unit engages the student to investigate further the music from these historic periods.