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Students and Parents, Please Keep Prom and Graduation Season Safe With Responsible Driving


Students, SRO Bob Lee and assistant principal Jayson Magditch out the HS with signs for driving safety

School Resource Officer Bob Lee, right, stands with QCHS Assistant Principal Jason Magditch, left, and seniors Kyra Handel, Madison Cummons and Nick Levinski.


Wrecked car outside QCHS with signs for driving safety.


Take a second to observe the wrecked car outside Quakertown Community High School because it only takes one second to be involved in a vehicle crash. This month, everyone needs to focus on awareness when it comes to operating a motor vehicle in a safe manner and being responsible. Officer Lee of the Quakertown Borough Police Department outlines four major causes for accidents with motorists – Speeding, Distracted Driving (texting or taking your eyes off the roadway), and operating impaired (alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions). “Wearing your seatbelt can save your life and prevent critical injuries. It is the law for all teen drivers and their passengers.” According to the US Department of Transportation, in 2016 there were 263 teen drivers who were killed in distraction affected crashes.

Shane Ryan, liaison from the Bucks County Community Traffic Safety, states “Teens today are facing new challenges while driving which includes cell phones which provide many distractions. As technology advances, the distractions increase. Distracted driving is not just taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, it also includes anything that takes your mind off the current task of driving.”

Ryan suggests designating passengers to take care of things such as music or answering calls and let the driver be the designated driver”.

With prom and graduation season around the corner, it is a good time for parents to review driving guidelines with their teens. Make a pledge with your teen to drive phone free and avoid becoming distracted while operating a motor vehicle.

Special thanks to Bucks County Auto and Anvil Signs for their support.

Officer Robert Lee

Quakertown Borough Police Department