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Students are expected to demonstrate regular account activity and academic progress in order to be deemed "present" in online courses.
Regular activity is defined as the student signing into his/her online course(s) and/or electronic communication with the teacher of the each online course.
Academic progress is defined as one week of completed work as determined by the teacher of the online course. The amount of work that must be completed must be in alignment with the regular pacing of the online course. The minimal expectation for assessment submission will be posted by the online teacher at the beginning of each academic week and the attendance determination will be made after 7 days.
All cyber students begin the cyber program by completing the cyber orientation course and must show adequate progress and work completion.  Once enrolled in their academic cyber course(s) students not adhering to the weekly pacing guidelines will be evaluated and appropriate interventions will be assigned.  
For more information from QCSD regarding Attendance Procedures click here.