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PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal
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Dear Parent or Guardian, 


The PowerSchool system may be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. Simply go to and enter the login username and password mailed to each parent/guardian.  If this letter was misplaced, please feel free to contact the main office or guidance office for an additional copy of log-in information.

When using the PowerSchool system, please understand that the grades you see do not include all assessments. Due to the nature of Standards Based Grading, student progress reports are not updated daily or even weekly, but rather as sufficient evidence is collected towards learning targets. As teachers complete the grading of assessments, they will update the Parent Portal in a timely fashion(This occurs approximately every 15 days at the secondary level.)  Information retrieved via the Power School web access should be regarded as unofficial and nonbinding in nature.


At the high school, every teacher takes attendance during each class period using Power School. A key for attendance codes can be found at the bottom of the Grades/Attendance screen.


Please be aware that the district cannot provide technical support for this program and will not be responsible for your inability to access this site from your home or office. However, please feel free to direct any GENERAL questions to the office staff of your child's school.


Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation and support as we re-introduce this new service. Our mission is to enhance communication of student performance with parents, guardians and students.
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