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Morning Drop-off Procedures

Strayer Drop-off Procedures

Students must be in homeroom by 7:56AM so please plan accordingly with your AM routine. The building is open for students to enter at 7:30AM.

  • Vehicles turn right into the parking lot and follow the arrows around the curve (see map below).
  • Vehicles pull up to the farthest end of the main entrance walkway and students exit the passenger side onto the sidewalk so they don’t have to cross in front of or behind cars.
  • The drop-off area extends along the entire sidewalk from the far end of the main entrance to the doors by the tech ed rooms (yellow area on map).  Students may enter the main entrance or the side doors by tech ed room.
  • To expedite the process, students from multiple vehicles can exit at the same time.  As long as students exit safely to the sidewalk it is okay for them to exit their vehicle.
  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to be dropped off at any other place (e.g. middle of the parking lot, the entrance of the parking lot, or handicapped parking).  This is not safe and not allowed.
  • If parents need to come into the building with their child, then please use a parking space and use the crosswalk to safely reach the sidewalk.